Does the equipment have to be working to be recycled?

No, we can recycle electronics that are working, non-working and even loose components.

What happens to my electronics once they reach your location?

At ProTek Recycling, we have a zero-landfill policy. No electronics recycled with us will end up in a landfill as per New York State’s Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act. Equipment is processed and separated into materials and is recycled or sent for alternative reuse.

I am a part of a company.  How can I recycle large quantities of electronics?

If you are a commercial business and have large volumes of equipment recycling, please see our commercial pickup options available on our commercial service site.

Are there any electronics that can’t go in the eBox?

TVs, CRT monitors, fluorescent bulbs, PCB-containing electrical equipment, and other hazardous electronics are not able to go in the eBox. Please see our list of what can go in the eBox.

I am concerned about my data, what should I do?

We offer a data destruction service that you can add as an option to your order. Simply add to your eBox order the number of items you need destroyed. We will send you stickers to label the items; once we receive them at our warehouse, we will document the serial number of the item and run the hard drive through our shredding machine. You will receive a certificate certifying that your data was destroyed.

What do I do if my return shipping label gets misplaced?

Call us at 518-400-5195 or submit a web form to let us know that the label has been misplaced, and we can either email or mail you a new label.

What areas does the eBox service?

We are currently offering our eBox in the following states: NY, VT, MA, ME, NH, CT, RI, NJ, PA, MI, OH, WV, VA, NC, DE and the District of Columbia.  If you reside in another state and are interested in purchasing an eBox, please submit a web form.