Data Destruction Stickers

shield iconTag Items for Serialized Data Destruction

  • One Sticker per Device for Destruction



Purchase Data Destruction Stickers to have ProTek Recycling destroy the data on your electronic devices and provide a serialized data destruction certificate. One data destruction sticker is needed for each device you want its data destroyed.  Simply place the sticker on the item and ProTek Recycling will destroy its data.

Devices eligible for data destruction include: Laptops, desktops, tablets, cell phones, external hard drives, and loose hard drives

Included with your Data Destruction Sticker:

  • The destruction of the data on your stickered device
  • Certificate of  Data Destruction (emailed to you) includes:
    • List of the items and their serial numbers
    • Method of destruction
    • Date of destruction
    • Technician who performed the destruction

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