How does data destruction work with the eBox?

With the ProTek eBox, if you need to have your data destroyed, purchase our data destruction stickers to have your data shredded! Just purchase one sticker for every device you need data destruction for, and when your eBox arrives, put a sticker on every device that you want the data destroyed. When we receive your eBox back at our facility, we’ll shred the hard drives and data containing devices of all the items you put a data destruction sticker on.  Then we send you a certificate with all the serial numbers of all the destroyed hard drives and equipment they came out of! This includes laptops, desktops, cell phones, external hard drives and even loose hard drives!

Data destruction stickers can be purchased at the same time as your eBox order, or at a later time.  If you already have an eBox and want to add our data destruction service, just order the amount of stickers you need for the number of device containing data you want destroyed, and we will mail your data destruction stickers to you.  Only items with data destruction stickers will be shredded and included on your serialized data destruction certificate, so make sure you have them on your items before you return your eBox!

What is physical data destruction?

Many of your electronic devices, such as laptops, desktops and cell phones, contain a disk or storage media that holds important, often confidential, information or data. The most secure means of destroying this data is through physical shredding of this hardware. ProTek Recycling has a specialized industrial shredder on-site for data containing devices (like hard drives and cell phones) that can shred them into small pieces.  These fragments are then mixed with the broken-down material from hundreds of other devices. The result of this process is the complete and irrecoverable demolition of your data.

Why is data destruction so important?

There are many serious consequences to improper data destruction for both personal and professional electronic devices.

As a business, some of those repercussions could be:

  • data breach
  • government fines
  • loss of revenue
  • lawsuits
  • loss of reputation

Once a company’s reputation has been damaged, it is hard to regain that ground and build trust again with customers, resulting in a significant impact in a company’s ability to conduct business and sometimes even forcing a business to close its doors.

As a consumer, you might not think about all of the data on your electronic devices, but you should. Here is some of the data that is stored in your phone that you should definitely consider destroying:

  • voicemails
  • call history
  • contacts
  • text messages
  • emails (personal and professional)
  • documents
  • photos

Knowing how important and sensitive your data can be, it is imperative that you hire a service provider you can trust for electronic recycling and data destruction. You can trust ProTek Recycling. But don’t just take our word for it—our thousands of satisfied customers, and often repeat customers, speaks volumes for itself. Here at ProTek Recycling, we pride ourselves on being a service provider that you can trust.

Get peace of mind today by adding Data Destruction to your eBox and receive your serialized Certificate of Destruction verifying the complete shredding of your data-containing devices!

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